Mobile CCTV & Surveillance Vehicles

Specialising in the conversion of standard vehicles to high-tech Mobile Surveillance Vehicles, The MSV Group offer a range of van units that can be hired or bought throughout the UK and Internationally. Based in London we supply valuable and cost effective Mobile CCTV vans for challenging security issues.

Mobile surveillance vehicles are the preferred method for catching criminals they allow the user to be one step ahead. Favoured by Law Enforcement, Border Protection Agencies and all types of security companies, the units provide rapid deployment and real-time streaming of cameras including drone footage capabilities.

The mobile van units are equipped with a state of the art surveillance control room to ensure that the CCTV is accessible and can be fitted out to your requirements, incorporating everything that is needed to keep the controller safe and comfortable.

Surveillance vans can be rapidly deployed for emergencies, immediately transmitting live images and audio from the CCTV fitted to the vehicle, wireless cameras or drones to Incident Rooms, Command & Control centres, laptops or hand-held devices anywhere in the world straight from the frontline. This allows you the ability to make immediate and accurate decisions with confidence.

Operators have the facility to control the CCTV and monitor the condition of the vehicle equipment (batteries, generator etc.) from inside the vehicle or remotely if the vehicle is being used unmanned.

The equipment can be powered by the system batteries, generator, shore power, solar panels and the vehicles alternator, giving continuous uninterrupted charging and power for all situations.
All images, including drone footage, are recorded onto High Definition Network Video Recorders that can be used to secure successful prosecutions in a court of law.

Full training, standard operating procedures and maintenance are all included when completed vehicles are delivered.

We provide the following services:

1. Long & Short Term Mobile Surveillance Vehicle Hire
2. Mobile Surveillance Vehicle Sales
3. Bespoke Mobile Surveillance Vehicle Conversions
4. CCTV Surveillance Equipment Supply and Installation
5. CCTV (PSS) Training

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